Isaac Overacker

maker of things


Hi, I’m Isaac Overacker.

I write about software development, design, and related topics here, generally with a focus on building apps for Apple platforms. You can find me on Twitter as @ioveracker and GitHub as ioveracker.

I build the iOS apps at CBT Nuggets. In the past, I co-founded Arboreal and developed Listenlist for the iPhone. It’s a great way to keep track of the music you discover. I have also been known to work on big enterprise software projects in the healthcare space using technologies like .NET and Oracle. When I’m not hacking on something, I like to spend time with my family, play tabletop (and occasionally video) games, and brew beer.

This blog is powered by the wonderful Octopress platform and hosted by Heroku. The theme is mnml, my own fork of whiterspace with a number of my own changes. I write my posts in either Mou or good old vim on OS X.